With the growing number of states initiating legal medicinal and adult-use cannabis programs, we are witnessing the growth of a substantial new industry. Each jurisdiction and state is setting up its own regulatory framework for the cultivation, extraction/infusion and dispensing of cannabis. State guidelines might seem complicated, but with a little guidance, we can help you navigate each section of a state application and optimize all the information submitted. Our goal is to maximize your overall score in the competitive permitting process, not only to get you the state or local permit, but to set up your new business for a successful start-up and operation.

We have worked in many of the legal medical and adult-use states, including training, consulting and ongoing feedback with local and state regulators on drafting and amending regulations. For your project, we can assist in the optimization of state permit applications and regulatory compliance measures. We can also work with you to create compliant designs and equipment operational protocols, budgeting, and plans for staffing, training & education, quality control, "seed-to-sale" tracking of your plants, harvest, processing, and extraction/infusion manufacturing.

It is essential to submit a professional design and a detailed description of the ways you will consistently produce high quality cannabis in a manner that follows strict security and safety regulations and that reduces negative environmental impacts. With 24 years of cultivation, training and consulting expertise, we can work with you to create a personalized design and operating protocols, bringing a level of experience found rarely in this young industry.